Expat Report: Why Brooklyn is not Minnesota

So, the Associated Press may have dubbed Brooklyn “the place to be”… Is Minnesota “the place to be from”?

There seems to be a disproportionately high number of Minnesota expats in the area, at least judging from the chatter on the Park Slope Message Board.

According to CHE, Brooklyn actutely lacks:

1. Gedney pickles
2. Summit
3. Cheese curds
4. $12 cases of Huber Bock
5. Vietnamese farmers selling thai basil bunches for $1
6. Isles cinnamon rolls
7. Canoe put-ins
8. Snow emergency parking
9. Food-coops with non-working memberhip
10. Cross-country ski trails
11. Punk kids on double-high bikes (hmm… Williamsburg?)
12. Abundant Ethiopian food
13. Wild rice soup
14. Radio K
15. Surdyk’s
16. Loons/mergansers/grebes
17. Swimming lakes

And apparently Brooklyn is OK without:
1. Seed art
2. Real mosquitoes
3. Katherine Lanpher (hmm… isn’t she in Manhattan??)

Minnesota’s the place to be from, you betcha: Park Slope Message Board

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