Seriously. What are you doing in Park Slope??

A Bomb In Nation

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kensingtonmom writes on the Park Slope Message Board:

Does this latest terrorist plot make anyone wonder if living here is such a hot idea?

I can’t help but think when we are ALWAYS the target if I should cash in on my mega profits made from my Park Slope coop … and flee to another city before they do get us again.

Paranoid? Realistic?

Is it really so much better here than say, Philadelphia? And what happens when they do finally get the subway…is it worth it?

You know it’s always in the back of your mind and now it’s on the Park Slope Message Board

2 Replies to “Seriously. What are you doing in Park Slope??”

  1. Funny. I found this article about why Park Slope is great- but this ‘valentine’ doesn’t mention why she’s living there despite the threat of having a plane drop on your head.

    maybe she just likes that story about the woman in park slope who threw a can of beans (??) at a car which almost ran her over in a cross walk. do you think that woman could take on al qaeda?

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