Rosewater Pig – Too Intelligent to Roast (in Public)?

Dinner at Rosewater!

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Did you smell the smoke? Jamzer says: “Rosewater is one of my favorite restaurants in all of NYC. I wish they would improve the service a little, but it is still fantastic. They do the pig roast every Fall. Yummmmmmmmyyyyyyyyy!”

SOME PIG: As might be expected in a neighborhood like Park Slope, not everyone is thrilled by seeing a friendly, big-brained, tail-waggling creature splayed out on a metal stick. The discourse on the Park Slope Message Board is quite civil, but findcate does explain her personal aversion to public roasting:

“I guess it’s just that pigs have the same brain structure as us, they nurture and love their young, and they have to suffer thru unbearable conditions and abuse being raised as meat. I guess the intelligence of pigs just makes me empathize with them, so I see the pig in that photo as a tortured corpse more than an appetizing meal, and I would be totally grossed out if I walked past it on the sidewalk. I think it’s really intrusive of rosewater.”

Where do you draw the line? Are chickens dumb enough to eat? Octopi are pretty intelligent… but not very cuddly. Sorry tentacle dudes, you lose… get in my frutta de mare!

More on Public Pig Politics: read the Park Slope Message Board

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