Chinese Restaurant Website Defaced by Saudi With Anti-Israel Agenda

……..Looks like Hunan Delight’s website just got defaced by “S4ud1-H4cK3r” (that’s “Saudi Hacker” for those of you not fluent in Leet Speak).

The hack starts out very politely, but quickly turns into a diatribe against Jews and Israel. The photo here (which is one of less graphic pictures) allegedly depicts “Israeli girls write messages on a shell at a heavy artillery position firing into civilians inside Lebanon”.

This has been up for at least 4 days now… The webmaster for doesn’t seem to be in much of a hurry to fix it … it’s pretty much a 1-minute fix (delete/replace index.html) and a whole bunch of people have pointed it out. UPDATE: the site is “under maintenance” now.

Read what some Park Slope Jews (and others) have to say about the hack here:

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