Is Slope Spending Slowing?

An observation made by Old Time Brooklyn that 7th ave. stores and restaurants in Park Slope seemed unusually dead this week seemed to be consistent with what locals are saying about their recent spending habits.  Some comments from the thread “Has Everyone Stopped Shopping?”:

bohuma: Stopped for everything except essentials. Don’t go out for dinner, cook at home. Brown bag my lunch.”

bullyboy: We buy groceries. That’s about it.”

WhyFi: I work in a retail environment, and the pace has certainly slowed…People seem hesitant, waiting to see if we’ve really hit bottom or not, and whether there’s some stability is around the corner. I don’t think that there needs to be a rebound before people start opening the wallets, but they do want to know that it’s not going to get any worse.”

Are you cutting back on the luxuries you once enjoyed?  Share your penny pinching ways on Park Slope Message Board – Has everyone stopped shopping? ::

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