Talking Turkey Over at the Park Slope Coop

Thanksgiving is almost here and if you haven’t started your grocery list we suggest you get to it! SweetTea is already planning for next Thursday’s feast and as a new coop member would like to know how long she should wait to buy her turkey:

it’s my first year as a coop member, and i’d like to get my (small-ish) thanksgiving turkey there. i gather from the newsletter that you don’t order the turkey in advance. on the one hand, I’m guessing it’s a bad idea to wait until wednesday night to go buy one, but on the other hand, I’d like to minimize the amount of time i have to store the beast.
Anyone have experience on how quickly the suckers sell out?

Pitu, a long time coop member, offered this advice:

From past experience, the small ones go first – but even that varies from year to year depending on how many small ones the purveyors supply.

According to NYkittyNY the coop already has 3 different kinds of turkeys in stock, in all sizes. She also had a chance to speak with the buyer for the market:

I spoke to the guy there who was in charge of ordering them, and he advised to get my turkey by at least the weekend, unless I was hoping to get a heritage bird, which wont be in till next week. (At $3.99 per pound, they are an excellent deal compared to elsewhere, but still pricey.)

Sounds like this weekend will be a busy one at the coop. Do you have turkey shopping experiences to share? Join the discussion over on coop turkey talk.

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  1. you should get your turkey early – you have the best selection then. especially if you want a small one. plus the coop is literally packed to the gills with turkeys and thanksgiving food ingredients, so you’re doing everyone a favor by shopping early – better selection, plus you’re helping to move out some of the inventory so there’s a tiny bit more space to move around!

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