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Abandoned Crap in the Slope: Neglect or Revenge?


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From the Dream-on-You-Frustrated-Renter Dept.:

Diane writes in the Park Slope Message Boards: “On my block (6th Ave. btw 10th-11th St.) there is a vacant house that’s been there at least as long as I have (17 yrs.) … there are massive holes in the roof … Last year someone walking on the rooftop – drunk – fell through the roof into the vacant building. Luckily, he had a cell phone and was able to call for help.”

“… what I am wondering is, can the city condemn the building and have it torn down?”

“I know people have tried without success to purchase the property. The story is that the original owner — now deceased — left money in his will to pay the taxes in perpetuity, but also instructed his heirs never to sell — some kind of revenge thing with a neighbor, who of course is no longer there.”

PICTURED: A different eyesore in Park Slope, right off 7th Ave.

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Mr. Livanos Peeping Through His Tenant’s Collapsed Ceiling

mr_livanos_Photo22_1.jpgVia Daily Slope Electronic Mail: “Mr. Livanos peeping down into tenants apartment after collapsing her ceiling in the dark giving no appologies. His mantra to Ms. Tortorella’s complaints were ‘this is not a pizza parlor, this is construction’ ”


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About That Weeping Willow on 6th Ave. and 5th St.

Photo: Andrea Mohin/The New York Times

nyt_willow_27will_lg.jpgJohn Freeman Gill writes in the New York Times: “New Yorkers … are not known for their tolerance of things that protrude, dangle, leak or waft from a neighbor’s yard into theirs. But on Sixth Street near Fifth Avenue in Park Slope, Brooklyn, there stands – looms, really – a notable exception: a gargantuan weeping willow tree whose canopy cloaks four full yards and tickles the airspace of a fifth.”

“By a peculiar coincidence, this giant among trees is owned by a giant among men, a 6-foot-5 former University of Michigan basketball player named John Morgan. When Mr. Morgan bought the house 16 years ago with his wife, Linda, the dwelling was hideous, but the willow already had an otherworldly quality. ‘The only thing attractive about the house was the tree,’ Mr. Morgan said. ‘It was magical, and I said, ‘I just can’t not have this.’ ”

Link: Under the Spreading Willow Tree [New York Times]

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Best Apartment Brokers in Park Slope?

chitownguy01 writes in the Park Slope Message Boards: “My wife and I are moving to NYC in a couple months. We’re strongly considering renting in Park Slope. Has anyone used a broker to find their apartment? Any good ones you can recommend? Any ones to stay away from?”

“I bought a book a couple months ago that listed the following brokers:”

-Aguayo and Huebener
-William B. Mary
-Berman Realty
-Rita Knox Realty
-Gurl Realty

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Honking on 8th Ave.

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Jennifer White Karp in the New York Times:

“At 12:30 a.m. one recent Thursday, a car horn outside our window wakes us. The offender leans on the horn for a good 10 seconds, only to pause and honk again and again…”

“In the age of the cellphone, this is outrageous! Why honk? Especially at this hour, when the residents of Eighth Avenue in Park Slope, Brooklyn, are seemingly tucked in bed.”

“‘Can you actually reach the car with the flashlight?'”

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South Slope Zoning Battle: Over?

travisruse writes to Daily Slope: “South Park Slope has won its downzoning battle.”

“It’s official!! As of 2:40pm, Wednesday the 16th of November 2005, South Park Slope and Greenwood Heights have been downzoned. Another mindless R6 district has bitten the dust…”

“And so what happens to the numerous sites that were racing to be the clock? Namely the two Isaac Katan 12-story monsters on 15th and 16th streets. And also the Robert Scarano building which was going to block the view from Minerva to the Statue of Liberty. Well it looks like it might be a clean sweep in favor of the community… it looks like none have completed foundations… Read more…

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Is it OK Yet?


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Drew wrote: “the other day i was in the mall and stores were playing christmas music. they were all on the overhead speakers like “christmas time is here! christmas! christmas time!” this is just blatantly not true. christmas time does not start until after thanksgiving.”

Photo: colorstalker documents holiday cheer in Park Slope.

Soft, Cuddly, and Lashed to the Front of a Truck

From the New York Times: “A bear with a prominent grease spot on his little beige nose spends his days wedged behind the bumper guard of an ironworker’s pickup in the Gowanus section of Brooklyn. A fuzzy rabbit and a clown, garroted by a bungee cord, slump from the front of a Dodge van in Park Slope. Stewie, the evil baby from “Family Guy,” scowls from the grille of a Pepperidge Farm delivery truck in Brooklyn Heights, mold occasionally sprouting from his forehead…”

[Pictured: Stuffed toys strapped onto a van in Park Slope, Brooklyn. David F. Gallagher for NYT]

Solution to the Laptop “Problem”

1. Laptop-free coffee shop. Like a smoke-free zone.

2. A space that caters to “laptop army,” and specificallly the 10 million freelancers in the neighborhood who are looking to get away from their home offices/get some work done outside of the client office. Coffee, workstations, free secure wireless internet, maybe some music at a very low background level. A spot like the Microchip Cafe would be perfect, but (with all respect to the extremely nice people who own it and work there…) in its current form, that place not only has zero atmosphere, it has negative atmosphere. I’ve been in a few times and couldn’t wait to leave.

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Hunan Delight’s Flashy Website

hunan_delight.jpgToday on Gothamist:

Favorite bar or restaurant?
Hunan Delight in Park Slope has great chicken with mixed vegetables and soft tofu with mixed vegetables. Oddly, they also have a flashy Flash-based website. I’m going to tell them that I mentioned them in this interview, and hopefully they’ll print it out and put it in the window, so that way, whenever I walk in, I’ll see myself recommending them and won’t have second thoughts. Also, Russ and Daughters–great herring.

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