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Beet is Not Suck

Oh my… Are these legitimately overenthusiastic customer comments? Or just shameless shilling by the ownership/staff of Beet Thai? It’s so hard to tell anymore… Please… turn on your “fake customer radar” and let us know what you see. (These comments originally appeared on the “Park Slope Restaurants That Suck” post.)

1. “I do not think Beet is suck. Food is quality. Fair Price. Nice presentation and nice waitstaff. I pass by everyday in the evening. Beet is always crowded.
Posted by: Kenneth | December 18, 2005 03:14 AM”

2. “I do not think Beet is suck, either. I have tried several thai restuarants in park slope, and I found that BEET THAI restaurant is the BEST. Their tasty food makes me hungry at all time. They have great services and friendly wait staff. I love the decor; it brings its’ brightness to the customers. BEET THAI is definitely a ROMANTIC restuarant to dine in w/ friends and family. FAIR PRICES!!!
Posted by: Tony | December 30, 2005 01:17 PM”

Melted Plastic Paneer: It’s not a bug, it’s a feature!

25starindia.jpg8thAndPrez writes in the Park Slope Message Boards: “I was so disgusted by the whole affair I felt it was only right to post…”

“I was originially excited when Star of India opened at 5th/Prez. Disappointed the few times we ordered from them and went to eat there. We more recently decided to give them another chance and ordered delivery.”

“The food looked fine when it arrived, but the first taste revealed an overwhelming flavor of burnt plastic. Both of our meals had the same flavor – overwhelming melted plastic.”

“I called SoI to explain… they very reluctantly sent over a replacement order. I made the delivery guy stay at the door while we tasted and, again, plastic. The delivery guy even tasted the food and agreed. When I called SoI they refused to acknowledge the problem – insisted it was our problem, and refused a refund.”

“Mediocre Indian food and poor service to boot. Anyone else have similar experiences with SoI?” Read more…

PHOTO: Bollyfood: Star of India tones down the spice, amps up the flavor []

How Did You Get There?


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Oiseau writes in the Message Boards: “…I ended up riding over the Brooklyn Bridge with the cars. It was the only way to ride over that bridge, other wise you had to walk it.”

“I yelled at Marty to get some bike lane police, and then turned around because my derailer cable broke and Bicycle Station was open real early and fixed it quickly, amazingly, because I was about to give up…”

“Then I found some abandoned pregnant cat and couldn’t take it to the animal shelter, not that that is a good thing, but at least it’s warm, but with the traffic and all, I just gave it some food.”

“And you?”

Check out the Message Boards

No Ride? Enjoy a Strike Haiku

Strike Haiku

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And ponder the media…

The word “illegal” has been thrown around pretty loosely, and over and over again, at every opportunity, in the media.

And now, that sentiment is being echoed by the anti-strike crowd (by now, that crowd numbers approximately 99% of Brooklynites, MTA employees excluded).

One of the other “messages” that keeps surfacing in the local media is the claim that the international TWU had advised the NY branch NOT to strike. It would be nice to verify these claims, but like pretty much everybody else, we spent an extra 5 hours today negotiating traffic and logistic hassles brought on just in time for Christmas (at least UPS is still delivering).

Oh, hey… there are about 50,000 comments on this in the Prospect Heights and Park Slope message boards… let’s take a look:

IT’S ON – TWU STRIKES!! (Chaos ensues in more than 100 comments on the Prospect Heights Board)

WAR STORIES: How did you get there?? (Prospect Heights Board)

PRACTICAL! HELPFUL! Get a ride, offer a ride, right here on the message boards! (Prospect Heights Board)

I would TOTALLY start an illegal taxi service… if I had a car.

Will “Slugging” be the next NYC commuter trend? (PH Board)

Let’s discuss transit strike plans and then go completely off-topic into an argument about race and education (Park Slope Board)

What if They Strike and Scabs Take Over?

Brooklyn Subway Refugees

Scenes from summer 2003, originally uploaded by CatsFive, who wrote: “During the 2003 blackout, the subways, which run on electricity, all stopped. Lots of riders had to exit the subway in some pretty unusual ways.”

OK, we got a temporary reprieve… last we heard, the latest deadline is tonight at 12:01 am. To get you in the mood, STACEY posted the following tidbit (about the strike from the early 1900s) in the Message Boards:

“Subway motormen on the BRT had gone out on strike on Nov. 1st, 1918. Dispatchers and supervisors were pressed into service as replacement workers. That day, dispatcher Antonio Luciano was assigned as motorman on the Brighton Line that ran at that time from Park Row over the Brooklyn Bridge (which had train traffic at the time) and Fulton Street to the current Franklin Shuttle. He had never before operated elevated trains in passenger service.

“… Luciano had to navigate an S-shaped curve on what would later be called the Franklin Shuttle at Malbone Street. The speed limit at the location was posted as 6 MPH, but those on the scene later reported that he roared through at what must have been 50 MPH. The first car held the rails, suffering only minor damage, but the second and third cars derailed, the second being demolished and the third nearly so. About 100 passengers lost their lives, though Luciano was spared.”

Don’t PANIC: Message Boards

Nudes of Park Slope

Nudes of Park Slope

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4th AVE. goes from “Wasteland to Tasteland,” according to the Daily News: “Even as the rest of Park Slope sprouts bistros, Brooklyn’s Fourth Ave. stays a bit, well, scruffy. Things may change thanks to Mule, a cool new coffee shop at 67 Fourth Ave. between Bergen St. and St. Marks Pl. Right now, Mule has Seattle’s Caffe Vita coffees, snacks from Two Little Red Hens and other bakeries, a wrought-iron bar and a 16-foot communal table in the backyard. In the future, look for a lunch menu and a wine bar in back. …

4th Ave. chatter in the Park Slope Message Boards

The Chocolate War

Cocoa Bar in Park Slope

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The Chocolate Room

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Pitu writes in the Park Slope Message Boards: “Yes, I’ve tried them both. And unless Cocoa has undergone some magic transformations in its young life . . . well, I just can’t imagine.”

“I have these friends, a new couple in a sort of cute-but-annoying way, who are constantly swooning and having chocolate dates . . . they’d want me to tell you The Chocolate Room is the place. I think they were comped a misordered plate of something delicious there, which is also nice. Chocolate has good attitude.”

Oh, it’s on. It’s so on… Read more: Park Slope Message Boards



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On Slice NY: “…Anthony’s is turning out a great Neapolitan pie…”

“I went yesterday for a late lunch and opted for a margherita, a benchmark … With the exception of some tip sag, the pie was excellent. The remarkably light and airy crust exhibited a decent amount of charring and a very nice amount of oven spring, especially evident in the cornichone, the rim of the pizza…”


ANTHONY’S | 426A Seventh Ave. btw 14th + 15th. 718-369-8315