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The Steam Room At NYSC


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steve writes on the Park Slope Message Board:

“One of the reasons I joined (Park Slope) NYSC was for the steam room, but a couple of guys trying to get it on in there tonight kind of ruined that for me. A friend of mine had a similar experience and dumped the place.”

“I didn’t mention it to the management but I did mention it to someone who works there, and he said there wasn’t much they could do but tell the manager, and he apologized, which was cool, but unnecessary.”

“Anyway, that’s my story, I’m putting it here to see what ya’ll say. Personally whatever the reasons I don’t think there is any excuse for doing jack in there besides steaming. It’s beyond rude.”

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Miracle (Grill) on 7th

blurry ladies

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How many times has this NOT happened when it should have? KosherDave reports on Actual Customer Service, occurring at Miracle Grill on 7th Ave. in Park Slope, on the Park Slope Message Board: “… long story short, our waitress dropped a ramekin filled with catsup onto the floor next to our table, and we were both covered. We wear wearing white linen pants. It was messy.”

“The owner, however, proved to be the real miracle worker. He rushed us some club soda, lots of napkins and comp’ed our meal (obviously). He also said we should bring him the dry cleaning bills.”

“Fast forward to last week, I brought in the cleaning bills (11 bucks) and he asked how everything turned out. Our shirts were fine, so were her pants, mine still had some faint spots, but they were older pants and I did not think he needed to replace them or anything, they already did all they could and were very apologetic.”

“The owner said he was really sorry about the whole thing and as he was giving me the money for the dry cleaning, he also gave me a gift cert for dinner for two, plus cocktails.”

“Anyway, just wanted to send a shout out to that particular local business owner. He was really cool about something that could have really been a bitch of a situation. We’ll keep going back with service/ownership like that. Nice job!”

LINK: Miracle on 7th [Park Slope Message Board]

I Did It!

Park Slope Food Coop

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Con:I left the (Park Slope) Food Coop. Immediately after leaving, i felt afraid and guilty. Then a couple days later, elation set in. It’s like I’ve left a cult. In fact, I have.” (–sexylegs)

Pro:“I would conservatively estimate that I save a couple grand a year, probably more, shopping at the co-op … I’m not a political fanatic. In fact, I don’t even particularly care about the environment. I just like fancy food and good produce and am cheap.” (–linusvanpelt)

Eh: “I went to grad school so I did NOT have to work at a grocery store!” (–KosherDave)

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Am I Invisible?

sexylegs writes on the Park Slope Message Board:

“I’m newly single and hope not to be single forever. When I’m in Manhattan, I get plenty of attention from men. Here in Park Slope, it is like I am invisible.”

“Or maybe it’s because the majority of the men here are white, and they are not interested in black women (ie me). As my username suggests, I have long, sexy legs. I’m also really cute. But sadly, also invisible….”

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Ranking of the 3 New Local Bars that Steve Hit Recently

farm 2 (Flatbush Farm)

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Steve writes in the Park Slope Message Boards:

Just came back from having a quick drink with friends at Union Hall, and…I’m less than impressed. I mean, Floyd’s has been open for how many years, and it’s more or less the same. I like it well enough, good beers and the little burgers look good, but it’s just too similar.

Of the 3 new local bars I went to this weekend, I would rank them:

1. Flatbush Farm
2. Cherry Tree
3. Floyd’s 2

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No Bikes in Greenwood Cemetery??

Cars: Of course.
Bikes: No.

communitybuilder writes: “The no bikes rule in Green-Wood Cemetery is bizarre, nonsensical, and most of all, a real shame. Why can’t I go with my old Brookyn cousin by bike to visit his parents’ graves?”

“That was our plan a couple of summers ago, but we weren’t allowed. Green-Wood management didn’t think biking to the grave site was ‘compatible with the decorum’ of the cemetery. Rather, they preferred us to visit the cemetary in an exhaust-spewing, loud, broken down ’87 Toyota pick-up. Rolling up in that piece o crap vehicle, we were given carte blanche to drive anywhere we wanted on the grounds. Rolling up on bikes, we were treated like criminals.”

“I think this rule is so ridiculous that I actually wrote Green-Wood’s management a letter a few years ago urging them to change the rule. I hope other people might write them too. Their response to me was that they view bicycles ‘as recreational in nature.’ Try telling that to the 130,000 New Yorkers who now use bikes to commute to work at various times during the year…”

“I know it seems weird to some people to get exercised about not being able to ride a bike around a graveyard. But it’s actually a common thing in other cities. I’ve done bike rides through the old historic cemetaries in other big cities, and it’s fantastic…”

“As to this idea that Green-Wood is all about decorum… the cemetery was originally conceived as a recreational area as well as a place to bury the dead…”

Time to give back Greenwood to the biking public? More info in the Prospect Heights Message Boards

A Plague O’ Palmetto Bugs in Park Slope

palmetto bug -

Brooklyn Summer is in full swing!! Yavel writes in the Park Slope Message Boards: “Has anyone else been plagued by these things lately? I’ve been seeing one or two every day for the past week. I guess they must love this hot and humid weather, but I’ve never been visited by so many of these things before. Wtf?”

In some parts of Brooklyn they are considered pets, according to Livetotravel.

Get info on glue traps, Lysol blowtorches, and leash laws for the American Cockroach in the Park Slope Message Boards

Park Slope “When”

park slope, Brooklyn

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Posted by frank garcia on the Park Slope Message Board:

i lived on 14 st bet 5 and 6 ave

i went to ps 51 and then to manuel training high school

i rember germains dept stop on 5 ave and 15 st

there were 3 bars on 9st 5ave

owned by a man called screamer smith

next to him was dinkys
owened by a retired cop from the 72 precent named eddy

next to him was the round town
at times they served free snacks

then there was a great stake bar called the dixie traven on 20st 5 ave owned by a man named toddo marino

as a young boy i also raised pigeons

hope to hear from some people that rember this

on the Park Slope Message Board

“Ridiculous Note” on Berkeley Place

more-eggs-please writes in the Park Slope Message Boards:

“I was walking my dog along Berkeley Pl betwen 6th and 7th last night around 11 pm and came across the following ridiculous typed note taped to a bicycle seat. The bike was locked to a street cleaning sign next to the street:”

” ‘Please chain your bike to a different location,’ the note read in 18-point Times New Roman. ‘We’ve checked and we are liable if anyone trips over your biked and falls on our property. Thank you for your understanding.’ ”

“Is it just me or is this totally absurd? First of all, the bike was in no way obstructing anyone’s passage on the sidewalk in front of the two buildings it was straddling (which begs the question: whose property is this bike on, anyway?)”

“I was tempted to throw myself over the bike and scream for help and threaten to sue the owners of the building(s) since I felt they deserved such an inconvenient consequence for having such a stupid issue with this bike. Instead, I peeled off the note from the bike’s seat and took it home. Alas, the note was REPLACED (this time with even more tape) by the time my husband walked by the same spot this morning.”

“Does anyone else think these people are INSANE? This is in front of 109-111 Berkeley. Is this what PS is turning into? Would these people prefer to see more cars than bikes? Or, are they saying they’d rather this person park his/her bike in front of a neighbor’s house instead of theirs? I don’t think that’s very neighborly at all.”

Regardless of what you think of the note, you have to admit that this is becoming a classic example of Brooklyn neighbor interaction – witness this note deposited, relatively recently, in the handlebar basket of a bike on Park Place:

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