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Park Slope Archaeology

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……….stacy says:

“I worked with a guy once who was a bottle collector. He and his father would go to homes doing renovations or yard work and ask if they could dig.”

“He told me 99% of the time they found something. He explained to me that many people used to throw the garbage in the yard or down the outhouse holes. Then when the city started picking up garbage, most of these people just filled in these outhouse holes.”

“When my mother was selling the house, he asked if he could dig in our yard … He found 3 plain bottles, some sort of medical tonic, a beer bottle, and a child’s toy in the shape of a horse.”

“They used to sell these bottles at the street fairs and they always had a stand at the Atlantic Antic. Last time I saw the son he said that they pretty much sell their stuff at shows and on eBay. “

LINK: Can and Bottle Collectors [Park Slope Message Board]

Chinese Restaurant Website Defaced by Saudi With Anti-Israel Agenda

……..Looks like Hunan Delight’s website just got defaced by “S4ud1-H4cK3r” (that’s “Saudi Hacker” for those of you not fluent in Leet Speak).

The hack starts out very politely, but quickly turns into a diatribe against Jews and Israel. The photo here (which is one of less graphic pictures) allegedly depicts “Israeli girls write messages on a shell at a heavy artillery position firing into civilians inside Lebanon”.

This has been up for at least 4 days now… The webmaster for doesn’t seem to be in much of a hurry to fix it … it’s pretty much a 1-minute fix (delete/replace index.html) and a whole bunch of people have pointed it out. UPDATE: the site is “under maintenance” now.

Read what some Park Slope Jews (and others) have to say about the hack here:

Loud, Annoying Public Sex: Will Public Shaming Help?

Hump day

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seven24 writes on the Park Slope Message Board:

“I was sound asleep Friday night until I heard some lady talking loudly on my roof. I live on the last floor, my bed is next to the window so when I heard her speaking so loud it felt as if she was in the room with me.”

“I looked at the clock and it was 2:35 AM. Since this chick kept speaking loud about how she used to jump from roof to roof as a kid, I couldn’t take it anymore and I yelled out the window ‘BE QUIET.'”

“Since they kept on speaking I went to the kids room and closed the window so they wouldn’t wake them, and when I went back to bed, I heard them moaning and ‘STUFF’.”

“I heard everything! I hate to be a buzzkill, but if they really feel the need to explore their sexual needs in public, they should at least try to keep it on the low. My building is very old–I hear every footstep on the roof and in the hallways.”

“I will post this web address on the mailboxes in my building so maybe that way my neighbors can learn how to have consideration for the other tenants in this building.”

If this is your building, then you already know the post came from the Park Slope Message Board

Rash of Honda Civic Thefts in Park Slope

Start Or End ?!

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Slope4-35yrs writes on the Park Slope Message Board:

My dented 17-yr-old Honda Civic was stolen Thursday night from Garfield Place (bet 8th & PPW). It had only 82000 miles and ran great, so I’m mourning its loss this weekend.
I just read the Police column from this week’s Brooklyn Paper and see that 8 other Hondas, most of them 2000 or earlier – two 1991s – have been stolen in the past week alone. My loss was too new to have been listed in this item.
I don’t know that much about car thets to figure out what’s going on. Does anyone have a theory? For parts? For export to a third-world country? Teenagers joyriding?

LINK: Honda Civics are Stolen in the Slope [Park Slope Message Board]

Can and Bottle Collectors: Thanks for the Mess (and Fine)

erikka writes on the Park Slope Message Board:

“I got a ticket this morning from the sanitation department due to a mess made by the people who dig through our recycling for cans and bottles.”

“Turns out they started digging in the garbage as well, and left garbage strewn all over the sidewalk.”

“I don’t care if people take things out of the recycling–I actually leave the bag loosely tied so they can get at it easier and don’t have to rip it. But the collectors have been getting more aggressive lately and have been making a huge mess–I’ve tried putting the recycling out right before the garbage truck comes but I have to leave for work at 6:30 am, which gives them enough time to dump the bags out and take what they want.”

“Does anyone else have this problem? How do you deal with it?”

Read garbage strategy tips on the Park Slope Message Board

Little Monsters of Park Slope

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LaSirena writes on the Park Slope Message Boards: “I was getting a slice on Seventh Avenue Friday evening when three loud little girls burst in (about age 13 or so, looked like the basic Park Slope Overprivileged Precious Offspring). Every third word out of their mouths was an obscenity.”

“They walked up to the counter, barked and snapped at the pizza guys, demanding food and sodas. I asked one of them “Do you not say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ to the people who are working hard here? Are these words not in your vocabulary?” She stared back at me and said “NO!” “

“I finished my pizza and left. As I was going out one of these delightful girls yelled at the top of her lungs “‘Please’ and ‘thank you’ my a*s!!. B*TCH!!!” “

“Thank you, Park Slope parents, for creating these little monsters! After 25 years in the neighborhood I’m considering leaving for someplace more civilized.”

Link: Are These Your Kids? [Park Slope Message Board]

Rosewater Pig – Too Intelligent to Roast (in Public)?

Dinner at Rosewater!

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Did you smell the smoke? Jamzer says: “Rosewater is one of my favorite restaurants in all of NYC. I wish they would improve the service a little, but it is still fantastic. They do the pig roast every Fall. Yummmmmmmmyyyyyyyyy!”

SOME PIG: As might be expected in a neighborhood like Park Slope, not everyone is thrilled by seeing a friendly, big-brained, tail-waggling creature splayed out on a metal stick. The discourse on the Park Slope Message Board is quite civil, but findcate does explain her personal aversion to public roasting:

“I guess it’s just that pigs have the same brain structure as us, they nurture and love their young, and they have to suffer thru unbearable conditions and abuse being raised as meat. I guess the intelligence of pigs just makes me empathize with them, so I see the pig in that photo as a tortured corpse more than an appetizing meal, and I would be totally grossed out if I walked past it on the sidewalk. I think it’s really intrusive of rosewater.”

Where do you draw the line? Are chickens dumb enough to eat? Octopi are pretty intelligent… but not very cuddly. Sorry tentacle dudes, you lose… get in my frutta de mare!

More on Public Pig Politics: read the Park Slope Message Board

“End Run” Around Leash Laws in City Parks: Not a Done Deal?


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Can it be true? By now, you’ve heard that New York City is about to do an “end run” around off-leash opponents and will “enshrine in law a two-decade-old unofficial policy that has allowed Lassie, Rusty and Sparky to roam free in city parks” for very limited hours [See “Dogs Win! Off-Leash Hours Survive”].

Not necessarily so, says Prospect Park Advocate, a blog that seems to be spearheading the anti-anti-leash-law movement: he says the author of that article, Dana Rubinstein, “is either another example of a journalist making up facts to suit a hidden agenda or she is just an outright liar.”

He quotes a letter from Bob Holden (president of a Queens civic association that sued to end the unofficial “policy” of looking the other way during off-leash hours) saying that many people “don’t believe the city can or even will (make off-leash legal) … Parks attorney, Paula Van Meter, when backed in the corner by the judge, blurted out at the city will ATTEMPT to clarify the commissioner’s authority to allow dogs off-leash in parks. The judge was grilling her on how can a commissioner give himself the authority to tell people they can violate a law.”

Not familiar with off-leash? Go to Prospect Park in the early morning hours and witness the teeming mass of dogmanity. Whether you think it’s dangerous or not… You may never walk barefoot on the lawn again.

Rockhound backs up ParkAdvocate on this Park Slope thread: “Dana Rubenstein was not telling the truth when she proclaimed off leash hours to be safe…. Hullo, I don’t know how ‘benign’ it is to allow your dogs to menace your fellow park goers and leave poo all over the place. I have been cornered by two huge growling hair-bristled off leash mutts and the owner didn’t give a rip.”

“It was terrifying, just like being mugged — but wouldn’t have qualified as an “attack” because no blood was drawn (true of many muggings as well!). Off leash dogs can be frightening, and intimidating other park visitors is not a “benign activity”.

Whatever the truth is… these off-leash advocates seem to have their act together. Go read what they have to say, and if you agree with them Here’s the petition.

Park Advocate has his say on the Park Slope Message Board
Time Out New York: Off-Leash Poll

Rodents in Prospect Park: Has the Rat-Hawk Balance Been Disrupted?


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Rose writes on the Park Slope Message Board: “Has anyone else noticed more rats than usual in Prospect Park? I know there have always been rats there, but this summer it seems like every time I go to the park, I see rats. I run on the dirt path next to the road, and rats keep dashing across the path in front of me — I’ve been running in the park for years, and this never used to happen.”

“I went running today around noon and during two loops of the park, I saw three live rats and two dead rats. Aren’t rats nocturnal?”

“Also, what happened to the hawks? I never see hawks anymore (maybe because I’m always looking down, watching out for rats). Did the hawks leave the park, causing the rat population to explode?”

More Rat (and Hawk) Sightings on the Park Slope Message Board

Phony Phone Calls from Marty Markowitz

Marty Markowitz

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…………The ever-crabby native Idlewild reports on the Park Slope Message Board:

“So, I’m surfing the net and my phone rings. The caller ID indicates the call is from Las Vegas. Since I’m going to Vegas soon I figured it was a confirmation call. I pick it up, no answer, I wait five seconds figuring the hotel concierge, or whoever handles confirmations is distracted… (then) the voice speaks…”

“HI! I’m Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz….!!!”

“Ole Marty pulled a fast one. I thought I was gonna get confirmed and comped, and I end up listening to this recording of this buffoon telling me how great Mark Green is. Now, I have to vote for his opponent out of spite.”

“Good going, guys. You made my day. I don’t see these types of calls being any better than the telemarketing that the Feds put a partial ban on….”

More political madness on the Park Slope Message Board