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Best Neighborhoods for Girl and Boy Watching

Some bright soul threw out a poll on where the best hoods are to see sexy people walking by. Brilliant. On looks alone, Williamsburg is pulling ahead. Way ahead. But Erikka doesn’t agree with the standings, adding “Williamsburg did nothing for me. Eye candy wise they were interesting but not always in a good way. The girls…well, all I could do was think about how bad their feet must smell from wearing cowboy boots in the summer and wondered why they looked like they were wearing Geranimals.”

Ouch. IMHO, the guys over there are always looking drunk and as if their converted loft doesn’t have a shower.

The Park Slope poll numbers are similiar to that of the Republicans running for the House…Rose says, “I agree about Park Slope. There are very few good-looking people over here. Though, I do think people over here are making more of an effort at basic hygiene and fashion than they used to. Ten years ago there were so many moms in the playground in mom jeans and awful wash-and-wear hair…”

Where do you think the boys are? the girls?
Tell us on the Slope boards.
Ah, surveillance.

Parent-Financed Apartments: Is it Wrong?

First apartment, Park Slope First apartment, Park Slope taken by dividedby.

BrooklynPotter writes on the PS message board: “is it really that wrong for a parent to buy their child an apartment?” A good question indeed. Is it okay for parents to use their financial power to give their children an advantage in the competitive NY housing market, especially in the coops and condos market where there’s often a long wait for qualified applicants looking to buy? One building adjacent to NYU has made it harder for students to buy, no matter who’s writing the mortgage check, emphasizing that it takes more than a chunk of change to be a co-op resident. Some brokers have followed suit since it can be hard to find a building that allows third party buyers. Concern have been raised on how responsible a grown child who needs (or wants) a parent to pay for their apartment would behave as a tenant–especially if the unit is bought primarily for long-term financial investment. Despite setbacks, the trend is on the rise.

linusvanpelt makes a good point on real estate investment, stating, “[It’s] not as exceptional as people think. Yes if you bought NYC property in 1995 and sold it in 2005. Not if you bought it in 1988 and sold it in 1995. Over the long run, historically, it’s not bad and beats renting, but it’s not as good on average as, say, the stock market.”

For those with $300,000+ to invest, Cisco is trading at nineteen times their expected 2007 numbers, showing great momentum and huge potential revenue growth. Could you say the same thing about your kid?

Welcome to the Land of Mystifying Cafes

8thandPrez writes on the Park Slope Message Board: “Took a walk down 5th Ave. last night. A two-block stretch of 5th has developed into the Land of Mystifying Cafes:”

Drama Cafe: Completely empty. Suffers from being on the diciest block of 5th Ave, across from the school. Totally incoherent concept and the most unfortunate name ever.

ComfortZone: Crazy name. Have no idea what this place is. again, totally empty. (jennitrixie adds: “Comfort Zone is the worst name ever. It reminds me of Jerri Blank’s stretch pants.”)

Ugly Neon Burger Joint: So forgettable I can’t even remember its name. Overly lighted, neon overload, shiny metal.

LINK: How do these PS businesses stay open? [Park Slope Message Board]

Free Wireless Internet Access (Wifi) in Prospect Park

What’s the deal with high-speed internet in Prospect Park now? They were awful quiet about the launch. Is free internet such old news that nobody blinked?

Here’s a quick piece from the Oct. 7 edition of Brooklyn Papers (with a very odd sidebar about spam):…..9wifi.html

Also coming soon: wireless internet in Brooklyn Heights Promenade, and Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens, and Fort Greene parks.

Nice timing, guys. I’ll have to practice typing with gloves on.

LINK: Wifi in Prospect Park [Park Slope Message Board]

Bank scootin’ boogie in Park Slope

Oh, get down, turn around, go to town… What draws loserdom more than a grown man veering around on a Segway scooter? How about a man passing out promotional brochures for a Park Slope bank on his Segway scooter?

What sort of attention is the bank trying to garner?

Cheflady broke open the local case with her post on the Park Slope Message Board:“Those stand-up scooter things have moved to the neighborhood. A bank is using them to pass out fliers. Oh My.”

Full disclosure: The photo here isn’t local… it’s from yet another bank, in the DC area, that apparently has taken a similar promotional tack (This guy so loves his job!). I’m hoping our Park Slope Segway scootee was at least wearing a suit and tie… But, if you’re playing rock, paper, scissors with transit—the Segway trumps the Bug-a-boo every time.

Holler if you think Segways will have a longer shelf life than Slap Bracelets.

Contemplate two-wheeled transport on the PARK SLOPE MESSAGE BOARD

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Chock Full o’Nuts on Seventh?

Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn and Curbed are reporting that the former Cinematheque space on Seventh between Union and President

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of us who grew up in the Florida suburbs (and have been longing for a branch of Gorilla Coffee on Seventh), Chock Full o’Nuts is just cheap-looking coffee gathering dust on the grocery store shelf. Is the new store a good thing? Bad? Discuss on the message boards.

Biscuit is Back… Can They Re-Do N.C. BBQ?

News of Biscuit BBQ’s rebirth, found on the Park Slope Message Board, is very interesting. Opinion on the “old” Biscuit (on Flatbush Ave. near Grand Army Plaza) was deeply divided, and unusually so… Either you loved it or you hated it, as is revealed by the comments on this Daily Heights post.

Whatever you thought of the old Biscuit, there was big disagreement on whether their “NC BBQ” was anywhere close to approximating the real thing. linusvanpelt says: “Even assuming there is such a thing as NC-style BBQ ribs, Biscuit was not it. They heavily slathered their ribs in a sweet, thick, tomatoey sauce. If anything, that’s maybe KC-style, but frankly it was more like, baked-in-the-oven with-bottled-BBQ-sauce style. I didn’t hate Biscuit, it was better than no BBQ in the neighborhood at all, but their stuff had no smoke to it. I much prefer Bar B Q, whose stuff is much smokier, plainer and less sauce-y. Biscuit did, however, have far better sides … Oh, and credit where it’s due, I do miss Biscuit’s fried chicken.”

So… history is history. Time to move on. The new BISCUIT is “opening soon” at 230 5th Avenue (that’s the spot where Night and Day is now). Give it a fair shake, OK?? And let us know what you think on the Park Slope Message Board.

“My Boyfriend Gave Me Bedbugs”

Are Brooklyn bedbugs close to achieving STD status? Infestations have been rampant throughout New York over the past year or two, and there are few other parasitic “infections” that are so persistent.

Crabs?? Come on… A quick shave and some 1% permethrin shampoo will take care of that. And forget herpes… nothing says “forever” like a Cimex lectularius colony setting down roots in your brand-new Tempur-Pedic pillowtop bed set. Oh… and those critters feast on human blood. You knew that, right?

The latest evidence on the Park Slope Message Board suggests that bedbugs are becoming the bedroom plague that yields to no prophylactic. idealist writes:

“My boyfriend had bedbugs at his apartment in Prospect Heights and I think he’s brought them over to my apartment. It could just be paranoia, but I am analyzing every black/brown piece of dust, etc. on my bed.”

“I stayed at his place before he realized he had bedbugs, and I got bitten really badly. 3-4 big welts that hurt for days. Yesterday I woke up with a tiny welt on my arm, and freaked out….”

“My boyfriend’s exterminator said that there had been a lot of bed bug incidents on 8th ave…”

How the *^%$# do you get rid of these things? … By reading the Park Slope Message Board

What’s Up With That New (Latin) Restaurant on Union?

Avocado salad

Originally uploaded by katypang.

It’s called Palo Santo, it’s in the middle of a residential block on Union between 4th and 5th (near Maria’s), and it’s (apparently) still BYOB despite its billing as “Eclectic Latin Cuisine & South American Wine Bar.” and the reviews are pretty positive so far:

Sweetpea: We ate dinner there Friday night and really enjoyed the meal. The menu’s pretty eclectic … We shared a bunch of Latin-inspired small plates: a quesadilla with cojita, corn-coconut milk soup, seared tuna over a salad of apple and fennel, plantains and a delicious pumpkin bread pudding and key lime pie. The bill came to around $50, not bad! … ”

pitu: “They have good coffee and one of those hand-crank citrus juicers that is on every other street corner in Mexico. If you’ve got $3 and five extra minutes in the am, and the R train on Union is your stop, the world just got a little brighter…”

Finn: went in for brunch and had:

Bean & cheese pupusas ($7)
“The fanciest presentation of the bunch, a wide square plate with two little freshly-made corn pupusas topped with avacado and cabbage. The proportions were better in one of them, and the fresh corn flavor was something I’ve been missing…”

Tamales ($7)
“Regular ol’ pork tamales, served with two small dishes of guacamole (seemingly with lemon) and a salsa verde made without tomatillios I think. They are quite good, and completely blow away the version across the street.”

Corn chowder ($5)
“This was the star of our selections: it almost had a massaman curry flavor to it. A robust chowderiness, with a slow-growing, subtle heat.”

Read about the tortillas, coffee creme brulee, and more on the Park Slope Message Board

FlexiChick’s Landlord Drama Heats Up


Originally uploaded by Dope on the Slope.

Ok, my landlord just threatened me with eviction because I told him what the heating law is.

Please give me some guidance as to what rights/groups/attorneys, etc. I have at my disposal to deal with him.

I’m very freaked out now…

Read eye-opening facts about tenant rights on the Park Slope Message Board