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Park Slope Bike Store: Called Out

Utopian Park Sloper pitu writes on the Park Slope Message Boards:

Every biker I know hates this place for their assholitude, so it was funny to read about ’em in this week’s Time Out. Funny that the rest of the list is Time Warner, Kinkos, and the US Postal Service.
The ConEd Awards for Bad Service……..ervice.xml

R&A Cycles
Bike shopping? Apparently the staff at this Brooklyn store was trained at the Rikers Island Finishing School: At least one TONY staffer found a special animosity for women who dare to ask specific questions.

They got the high-end goods, that’s for sure. Drill down for unsubstantiated claims of alleged douchbaggery on the Park Slope Message Boards

Landlord and her restaurant (Drama Cafe) to avoid

The conditions in the building at 341 5th Avenue, between 4th and 5th streets, a building owned by Sonia Santos, are horrible. Mountains of garbage. Heat and hot water out for days at a time regularly. Hallways filthy. Leaks. Roaches. Rodents. You name it, they’ve got it! I am NOT exaggerating! And on top of all that… constant harrassment and threats from Sonia Santos and her associates. All these conditions also apply to the basement where the food for the Drama Cafe is stored. You should definitely not rent from this landlord if you are looking. And I would think twice before eating in the Drama Cafe, even putting aside the fact that you would be giving your money to a slumlord. There is at least one other building owned by Sonia Santos, at 451 State Street, and conditions there are the same.

I’ve started a blog (Sonia Santos Bad Landlord) to pool the resources of all of those who have suffered or are suffering under this landlord. The tenants at 341 5th avenue are already working together, and also working together with former tenants who are facing court dates because they chose to break their leases and move rather than suffer any longer. If you are familiar with this landlord, please comment, communicate & vent. Also feel free to e-mail me (, so that we can all share information and stop this woman from making peoples lives hell.

New to the area!

I am starting as a horticulture intern at the Botanic Gardens and looking for an apartment in a good neighborhood close by. The search is not going as well as expected. I am in the area now, I just need to find a place. If you have any suggestions or a place to offer please email me at cheezy_014@hotmail. Thank you!

Wifi in Prospect Park: Still a Work in Progress?

Can you get a connection? Report it here. eKiteL has not had much luck:


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PostPosted: Thu Mar 15, 2007 7:43 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

you’re not going to get the wifi from the picnic house outside of the park, just near the picnic house inside the park, it’s not park wide so you’re not going to get it just anywhere you happen to be across the street from any part of the park

anyway with such nice weather yesterday I went to give it a try and there was indeed a wifi network there to join, but I only got connected to the router, not actually connected to the internet, I’ve been having this problem in other places with my MacBook so I’m not sure if it was me or a problem with the router there

Proper “Drunk Brunch” in the Slope?

Ooh, this should be an easy list to compile… right?


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PostPosted: 14 Mar 2007 04:09 pm    Post subject: Brunch w/ unlimited mimosas, etc?

Are there any decent places in the Slope where I can have a proper drunk brunch without destroying my wallet?

Vote with your wallet on the Park Slope Forum | Message Boards

How to Piss Off a Park Slope Resident

Courtesy of the Park Slope Message Board:

10. Walk down the sidewalk, smoking a cigar.
9. Wear a “George W. Bush” t-shirt.
8. Tell them that your kid is smarter or more advanced/better dressed/eats healthier than theirs.
7. Suggest building a high-rise condo on the corner of Third Street and Seventh Avenue.
6. Suggest building a high-rise Section 8 building on the corner of Union Street and Seventh Avenue.
5. Advocate busing all PS 321 students to PS 284 in Brownsville in order to achieve economic parity in Brooklyn.
4. Go to the Tea Lounge and have a loud, profanity-laden conversation with your friends.
3. Hit somebody in the face with a kite. Bonus points if you do it more than once.
2. Laugh at them because they can’t afford Manhattan.

…and the number one way to piss off a Park Slope resident is:

[Actually, a Letterman-style drumroll prefacing a “number-one” answer that is patently ridiculous, yet somehow vaguely amusing]

1. Murder a member of their family.

Why can’t we all just get along on the Park Slope Message Board

First Date in Park Slope: Where to Go?

wexlerglazer (Newbie) asks on the Park Slope Message Board:

Any suggestions for where to meet someone for our first date?

I was thinking Bar Toto (on 6th Ave. @ 11th), as I’ve done that before. But I figured I’d open the question to everyone here…

Basically, I’m thinking a restaurant that’s somewhat moderately priced (no more than $15 or so per entree), quiet, and cozy.

How about:

1. Cocotte at 5th Ave. and 4th St.: Romantic (possibly too romantic?)

2. Chip Shop

3. Long Tan

4. And… Check out more First Date Suggestions on the Park Slope Message Board

City View Gardens

Ive read some dicey things about City View Gardens the condo development on 2nd st btw 4/5 aves but most of the information seems to come from the initial construction and first year of occupancy.  Does anyone know if all the problems (leaks etc.) that were initially found have been solved?