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UPDATE: Gunplay (South of) the Parkway

Eyewitness account in the Park Slope Message Boards from the neighbor of the victim of the attempted robbery on 15th and 8th:

jeb writes: “I was on the scene shortly after the incident happened around midnight. My upstairs neighbor, who was the victim of the attempted robbery that sparked it all off, recounted it to me right afterwards.”

“The shooting apparently took place when a couple of guys tried to rob my neighbors at gunpoint, on 15th Street between 8th and PPW, in front of our apartment building. A couple off-duty cops just happened to be driving by and saw the robbery in progress…”

“… They jumped out of their car and chased the perps down the street toward the park. Apparently that’s when some kind of gunshots were exchanged … They called for backup and continued to search for the guys throughout the neighborhood. Helicopters, EMTs, fire trucks, and tons of patrol cars arrived on the scene. Apparently in the search for the guys they cleared out Bar 4 to see if the suspects were hiding in there.”

“According to abc, they actually got the guys in there and recovered their guns.”

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PS Mom’s Flyers Warn of Man Charged with Attempted Rape

jaha127 writes in the Park Slope Message Boards:

“I know there are alot of mothers who read this blog, so I just wanted to give you an FYI …”

“Also, I don’t think this guy went to trial yet, and its also important to remember that you are innocent until proven guilty. But this is just a reminder about being cautious…”

Read the story in the NY Daily News.

Read neighborhood reaction in the Park Slope Message Boards

Let’s All Drink to the Death of a Cell Phone Store

Grand Master steve writes in the Park Slope Message Boards:

“I’m a big believer in supporting small local business… which is why why I am somewhat conflicted to be happy about the demise of one: a cell phone store on 7th Ave. just outside the F station.”

“… One less cell phone store sounds great to me. There must be one on nearly every block of 7th Avenue, and the proprietors largely seem like shysters, so enough is enough. I might even call to see how much they want for the space, but I think it will be more than I want to spend right now for my business.”

They’ll be back. Commiserate in the Park Slope Message Boards

Click here for more resources
for small businesses.

About the Gunfire

seven24 asks in the Park Slope Message Boards: Anyone hear about the shots fired on 15 street and 8th avenue last night?

fifteenthstreet says: “I live at 15th and 8th, and yes, I heard them … There were a lot of cop cars blocking off 15th street between PPW and 8th for at least 30 minutes, and a police helicopter with a search beam scouring the roof of our building … ”

Shots Fired on 15th St. & 8th Ave. [Park Slope Message Boards]

Cityguide picks Stone Park as Best NYC Restaurant

So it looks like Stone Park on 5th Ave. in Park Slope took “best restaurant” honors in AOL cityguide’s City’s Best 2006 poll for New York–placing ahead of Gotham Bar & Grill, Gramercy Tavern, Daniel and Le Bernardin, among others.

Stone Park co-owner Josh Grinker told the Daily News: “… winning these types of contests really attests to the loyal support of our customers … We really see what we’re doing as bringing up the standard of neighborhood restaurants.

It’s true that Stone Park has its fans. And predictably, this has become another opportunity for us chronic complainers at Daily Slope to hold forth (do we like anything?). laura writes in the Park Slope Message Boards: “My boyfriend and I went there once … I can’t recall what we ate, but it was so underwhelming we decided never to bother again.”

Other thoughts on Stone Park? Park Slope Message Boards

Dizzy’s Diner: Can Renovations Fix It?

Clarification: Ranjit’s photo is at least a year old. It’s doubtful the renovations going on at Dizzy’s right now have anything to do with this auto mishap.

blksafyre writes in the Park Slope Message Boards:
“Is it kind of dumb that Dizzy’s decided to do renovations now? In the winter business is slow there, which would make sense for renovations then.”
From livetotravel: “May the renovations last forever! I’m so over this place. They clearly rely on past rumors of excellence and uniqueness for their business. There are just way too many people clamoring for tables on the weekends, resulting in consistently overcooked omelets, overcooked pancakes, overcooked coffee, underwashed dishes and utensils … “
From 8thandprez: “I love Dizzy’s. The huevos rancheros with veggie sausage are to die for. That said, the place is wildly overpriced. Insanely overpriced.”
“Something tells me the reno isn’t going to help that situation …”

Brunch in the slope: Park Slope Message Boards

What’s Missing in Park Slope?


Originally uploaded by justpat.

Neighborhood Improvement via the Park Slope Message Boards:

“I wouldn’t mind a fancy-ish gym, like Equinox.”

“Previously I was longing for a good Indian restaurant, but now we have the lovely Kinara!”

“Ethiopian food! I’d walk over to PS more often for that.”

“I don’t care–as long as it isn’t another realtor or coffee bar …”

“An In-and-Out Burger. Or at least a White Castle.”

“… the return of a real butcher, but United has been pretty good to me since the guys on 7th left and I wouldn’t switch back.”

“A soccer bar, but hopefully we’ll be getting that once the FloydNY spin off opens.” (hmm… isn’t there a new Irish bar that’s promoting itself as a soccer bar?)

“A nice movie theater. I don’t like the one on PPW …”

“A coffee bar that doesn’t allow strollers or laptop users.”

“… we need a drug store (w/ late hours) in the 4th-5th Ave area …” (Neergard is 24/7, right?)

“A decent fish market. Don’t get me started on the ones on 7th Avenue…”

“A belgian beer/frites and maybe mussels place. not too pricey…”

What else? Park Slope Message Boards

Minority Woman Alleges Verbal Abuse by … Minority Livery Driver

car service

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law&disorder writes in the Park Slope Message Board: “I’m still in a state of shock about what’s happened to me today. I had a couple things that I wanted to sell in that Isoldit Ebay store on Flatbush Ave. So I put the things – a juicer, camera and blender – into two small-medium boxes. I called the car service I always use – Legends.”

(fast forward through a dispute over the fare…)

“…I told him that I’d NEVER been asked to pay upfront before and that I wasn’t appreciating his attitude at all. He said, ‘I’m not driving you anywhere unless you pay me first you NIGGER BITCH. In fact, get the FUCK OUT OF MY CAR. I won’t drive you anywhere. Take your boxes and get out.’ “

“This went on. And on … He pointed to a dog on the sidewalk and said that I was a lower form of life than the dog … That the ‘piece of shit’ building I live in (which happens to be a beautiful brownstone) is ‘nothing’ compared to the house that he and his family live in.”

“… By the time the second driver arrived, there was such a scene going on, with the driver screaming, ‘TAKE YOUR BOXES OUT OF MY CAR, YOU NIGGER SCUM,’ that a passing police van stopped and four officers got out to find out what the hell was going on …”

“The irony is that the driver in question is Egyptian. Never knew the Egyptians had a pathological hatred of their fellow Africans (I’m actually African as opposed to African American). The cops – who all looked Hispanic told the guy to chill out and said, ‘look, we’re ALL minorities here.’ The driver denied that he was a minority and said that he shouldn’t have to drive ‘people like me’ anywhere…”

Read the Aftermath in the Park Slope Message Board