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Street Walkers and Curb Crawlers in Gowanus

gowanus midnight

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……….Precious Williams writes on the Park Slope Message Board:

“A few nights ago I was walking my dog at somewhere between 10 and 11 at night. I headed down to Gowanus just for a change of pace … I usually walk the dog in Park Slope. As I was walking along St Johns between Third and Fourth Ave, a man in a truck slowed right down, leered and then asked me “how much?”.”

“When I looked at him with disgust and started to run away, he looked extremely embarrassed. WTF. I was wearing sweatpants and an old t-shirt at the time too…”

Idlewild says: “Apparently your curb crawler jut woke up from a deep freeze. That box area, from Atlantic & Nevins to 4th Ave to Nevins & Carroll up to 3rd Ave was a notorious streetwalker back in the day before you gentrifiers brought up real estate values. Up until five years ago, maybe a little more.”

Park Slope Message Board

A Tree Falls in Park Slope

Whoa… Diane writes on the Park Slope Message Board:

“Wow! At 3 AM, my son looked out the window – 6th Ave bet.10-11th St. and witnessed this huge tree come crashing down…totally destroying a Honda. Thank goodness this happened in the middle of the night and so there were no cars or people walking around. This happened because the city is finally taking down the “eyesore” vacant buidling and were digging with a big piece of machinery right in front of building.”

“Apparently they severed the roots of the tree & last night it came tumbling down. I think the initial digging had something to do with disconnecting the pipes but I really don’t know exactly what they were doing. The fire dept. sawed off the limbs but the entire tree trunk was still there this morning blocking all traffic in both directions.”

Here’s an image that was also posted over at the Brooklyn Record:


LINK: A Tree Falls in Brooklyn [Park Slope Message Board]

Is $270K a Deal in Windsor Terrace?


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agg writes on the Park Slope Message Board: “I’m thinking about buying a studio in Windsor Terrace. It’s a nice place, just next to the park, but it’s also small, about 500 sq. feet. I put a bid in for about 270K, and the seller accepted. Am I getting a reasonable deal?”

“The common charges and taxes are quite low (about $200/month). I’m just a little anxious because I haven’t been able to find many comparable apartments in the neighborhoods to look at. I’m also a first-time home buyer, so I’m kind of anxious about this whole process… “

Hmm… how many closets and hallways are included in that 500 square feet? Comments on the Park Slope Message Board

Late Night Eats in Park Slope – The Short List

Smiling Pizza 2

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1. Albaz, on Flatbush by the 7th Ave subway station. Great late-night cheeseburger!
2. If you’re feeling like spending some money, the kitchen at Blue Ribbon is open really late every night.
3. If you can get to Mango or Smiling Pizza on 7th Ave before 12 AM, you’re lucky.
4. If you want a cold, stale bagel, the bagel shop on 5th + garfield is open 24 hours.
5. If you want a full, sit-down meal, go to Tavern on Dean in PH – their kitchen is open mega late (3 a.m. on weekends, I think).
6. Daisy’s is open 24/7, and their pancakes are yummy.
7. 7th Avenue Donuts by 9th Street and 7th Ave. Open 24/7/365. Perfect for when you’re bombed and don’t give a shit about what’s on your plate.
8. The “Greasian” (Grecian) Corner at 4th St & 7th Ave. Try the grits.
9. Another option is DunkinDonuts at… I believe it’s 6th ave, and Atlantic, I think. If you go after midnight, you can get 4 donuts and 2 cappuccinos for $4.
10. There’s a White Castle at Atlantic and Grand! so worth the trip.

Kudos to the resident gourmands of the Park Slope Message Board

Hit the Bitch

smylegrrl writes on Daily Slope: Speaking of gangs in Prospect Park — I was running this evening (7pm, it was not even dusk yet) and a gang of teenagers flew by me on bikes in the runners’ lane. I said something like, “Hey – watch it – what the fuck” and one of them laughed and said “hit the bitch”. Then one of them punched me in the back of the head.

They were all on bikes — about 6-8 of them. I stopped a cop car and they drove me around the park looking for them. We found them after a few minutes, but b/c they were/are so young and I couldn’t say 100% positively which on hit me, there was nothing the cops could do.

This is ridiculous. I run in the park 4-5 times a week — now I am afraid to run even in the middle of the day. Something needs to be done about violent teenagers/ mischievants in the park. My friends have expressed their concern to me as well before this incident — that they are afraid of these teenagers on bikes (or off bikes). Is it just me or is it completely backwards that people are afraid to use the park because teenagers can apparently get away with anything????

Mail Delivery Problems in South Slope

37 cents a rock

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…………Missing Netflix DVDs… Lunch breaks in the mysterious green lockboxes… lines out the door on 9th Street… surly clerks who would rather ring your neck than sell stamps… Could it get any worse?

Shinybeast writes on the Park Slope Message Board:

What in the heck is up with the mail service in Park Slope (South)? I’ve never seen so many errors with delivery during my time in Brooklyn (15 years plus). I live in a two-family and we constantly get mail for people with addresses not really close to ours (we’re on a street, we repeatedly get mail for people who live on avenues). I’ve lived in Greenpoint (two locations), Williamsburg & Sunnyside, Queens and have never experienced anything even remotely like it. It’s pretty disturbing how wrong they get it repeatedly. Anyone else notice this? Our mail gets routed through the P.O. on 9th street. I don’t even want to think about how much of my mail has ended up 17 blocks away…

Park Slope Message Board

Olive Needs a Home

Laura B writes on the Park Slope Message Board:

Please help me find Olive a home.

She’s an adorable 8-week-old tuxedo kitten we found in a parking lot on Bergen street. She’s everything you want a kitten to be: playful, charming, wide-eyed. She does goofy kitten things like chase a little ball around maniacally, then climb into your lap or into bed with you to catch some zzzs.

She’s been vetted, is healthy, and is up to date on her shots.

Aaaaw and all that in the Park Slope Message Board

Seriously. What are you doing in Park Slope??

A Bomb In Nation

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kensingtonmom writes on the Park Slope Message Board:

Does this latest terrorist plot make anyone wonder if living here is such a hot idea?

I can’t help but think when we are ALWAYS the target if I should cash in on my mega profits made from my Park Slope coop … and flee to another city before they do get us again.

Paranoid? Realistic?

Is it really so much better here than say, Philadelphia? And what happens when they do finally get the subway…is it worth it?

You know it’s always in the back of your mind and now it’s on the Park Slope Message Board

West Nile Hysteria: Let’s Put it in Perspective

Close-up of the spraying device

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quijibo writes:

oh feck. how much duct tape are we gonna need for this?

the media along with the medical community feed the hysteria
people wish to have a sense of control
even when we don’t

i’d wish they’d stop spraying that crap on the streets
couldn’t we release an infestation of bats to eat all the squeeters?

and then of course we’d need monkeys in the trees
right above the double parked mcclaren’s
on 7th avenue

Counterpoint from Dr. Carnivore: “Bats are a major rabies vector, and rabies is much more deadly than West Nile!”
In all seriousness, Carnivore notes that the situation is made to sound worse than it is: “Don’t get me wrong- it’s important to know where cases develop and when. It’s just not much of a threat to most healthy people. West Nile can be a serious or even fatal illness in the very young, the very old, people with HIV and others with impaired immune systems. Most people who contract it get a flu-like syndrome, feel lousy and get over it.”

“It’s an important public health issue, but the media has raised the level of hysteria to the point where young healthy people without any symptoms come the the ER demanding to be tested for West Nile (which requires a spinal tap) because they have a mosquito bite.

More on bugs and disease in the Park Slope Message Boards

Due to availability of class airline tickets, everyone wants to get on flights to boston or even flights to paris. Even the orlando flights are selling more since they became cheap flights.

Expat Report: Why Brooklyn is not Minnesota

So, the Associated Press may have dubbed Brooklyn “the place to be”… Is Minnesota “the place to be from”?

There seems to be a disproportionately high number of Minnesota expats in the area, at least judging from the chatter on the Park Slope Message Board.

According to CHE, Brooklyn actutely lacks:

1. Gedney pickles
2. Summit
3. Cheese curds
4. $12 cases of Huber Bock
5. Vietnamese farmers selling thai basil bunches for $1
6. Isles cinnamon rolls
7. Canoe put-ins
8. Snow emergency parking
9. Food-coops with non-working memberhip
10. Cross-country ski trails
11. Punk kids on double-high bikes (hmm… Williamsburg?)
12. Abundant Ethiopian food
13. Wild rice soup
14. Radio K
15. Surdyk’s
16. Loons/mergansers/grebes
17. Swimming lakes

And apparently Brooklyn is OK without:
1. Seed art
2. Real mosquitoes
3. Katherine Lanpher (hmm… isn’t she in Manhattan??)

Minnesota’s the place to be from, you betcha: Park Slope Message Board