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Best Dessert in Park Slope?

Where is the best dessert to be found in Park Slope? You’ve done Two Little Red Hens, and admired their pig stool (thanks, Ranjit). What’s the alternative, Jane asks in the Park Slope Message Boards?

Daniel says the Opera cake at Cousin Johns (7th Ave + Berkely) is “incredible… Most of the baked goods there are great – we had a chocolate ganache cake (as they were out of Opera cake, and we forgot to pre-order) for my birthday …”

When it comes to baked goods in South Brooklyn, however, Court Street is the place to go, according to Jack: “The Slope simply does not have anything that comes close to the goodness of the stuff over there… It depends on tastes, but it’s yuppie-ish and good and it’s called Sweet Melissa has some great stuff. You defiinitely pay a little more, but it’s very much worth it.”

“If you want Cannoli and some great Italian pastries, Court Pastry is great as well. Not too heavy when it should not be too heavy. And just the right balance of richness all around. These are Italian baked goods exactly as they should be…”

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Park Slope Single

Park Slope single.

Originally uploaded by gak.

From the photostream of gak: “… Skipped 2 of the open houses and passed by the locations of 2 others to see this gem in Park Slope. Barrels of light and space, close to 7th Avenue and Prospect Park yet very quiet, the possibility of a lower rent for only one occupant…”

More Public Sex in Park Slope: 1st St. & 6th Ave.

From the New York Post: “a couple’s romantic stroll along a leafy Brooklyn block turned into a randy romp on the sidewalk that was abruptly interrupted when a cop caught the woman bare-bottomed and her boyfriend sprawled on top.”

“Officer Talat Awad spotted the obliviously passionate pair at 4:50 a.m. Thursday on the pavement in front of a classic brownstone stretch of First Street near Sixth Avenue in Park Slope.”

“‘People make mistakes,’ [24-year-old Philip] Clonan [of Williamsburg] told The Post … ‘This is the biggest one I ever made.'”

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Manhole Fire!

Fire From Manhole

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MsAnthea writes: “A little over a week ago, there was an electical fire beneath the street in Park Slope, Brooklyn. The fire eventually burst out of a manhole 5 houses down from me … I was without a phone for more than 24 hours, without DSL for over a week & my lights were flickering off & on as though the house were possessed…”

Park Slope Parents: “Do You Want Your Child to Be Uncomfortable or Dead?”

In the New York Times: “For more than a decade, doctors have advocated putting babies to bed on their backs as a precaution against sudden infant death syndrome, or SIDS… however, some new parents are finding that the benefits of having babies sleep soundly – more likely when they sleep on their stomachs – outweigh the comparatively tiny risk of SIDS.”

“‘Do you want your child to be uncomfortable or dead?’ asked Vanessa Saft, the mother of a 2-year-old, Ramona, and an early childhood educator … Ms. Saft said she was baffled by some of the permissive discussions she read on the e-mail list of the Park Slope Parents, where Brooklynites share their advice on vaccinations, sippy cups, schools, nannies and, also, sleeping.

“But Ms. Saft said she refrained from chiming in with an unpopular viewpoint, even one in line with the medical mainstream, because, ‘I always get in trouble.'”

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Food Co-Op Will Buy 100% of Electricity from Wind Farm

The Park Slope Food Co-op just announced that it be switching to 100% wind-generated electricity from New York and Pennsylvania. The co-op board voted 66-0 in favor of the switch.

This is the largest private purchase of wind power in Brooklyn to date, and the first purchase of wind by a food co-op in the Northeast, according to Community Energy, which markets “NewWind” electricity around the country.

General Coordinator Joe Holtz: “We want to do our part to lessen U. S. dependence on foreign oil, reduce our emissions of CO2 and harmful pollutants, and raise people’s awareness” which apparently will include encouraging co-op members to make the switch, too.

The 920,000-kilowatt-hour purchase saves 800,000 pounds of carbon dioxide per year, comparable to taking 58 cars off the road, according to Community Energy.

You can buy wind power, too. One route is to go though Con Edison. Purchasing “25% NewWind Energy®/ 75% Small-hydro” will set you back an additional 1/2 cent per kWh on all usage, according to this Community Energy page.

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Cattyshack in the New York Times

2005_5_cattyshack.jpgFrom the New York Times: “On a still-industrial strip of Fourth Avenue, just beyond the leafy residential quiet of Park Slope, this welcoming bi-level club is both bar and clubhouse, populated by diverse crowds of lesbians and their friends. The welcoming space is bigger and more polished than owner Brooke Webster’s previous venture, the now-defunct Houston Street dive Meow Mix…”

“…Many varieties of the Sapphically inclined were visible on a recent night: boyish girls in Carhartts and their male friends, middle-aged couples, a bartender with a mohawk. The countercultural and the traditionalist should both find a place to feel at home here…”

Cattyshack | 249 Fourth Ave., Brooklyn, NY. 718-230-5740

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