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Times Article Outs McCain Supporters, Sparks Heated Debate

A New York Times article this week tells the story of a local anomaly: Four — count ’em, four — brownstones on a single Park Slope block are waving a flag rare enough in this liberal bastion to stop passers-by in their tracks: “McCain.”” pastoralia posted the link in the Park Slope forum and added “now we know their names”  What pastoralia mightn’t have expected is that the posting would bring a handful of McCain supporters out of the woodwork and spark one of the most heated political discussions on that I’ve seen.  Living in such an overwhelmingly liberal neighborhood such as Park Slope, one might assume that everyone around them is more or less on the same page.  But as it turns out that’s not the case.  Just read transplant‘s first of many posts in the thread:

“I’m voting for McCain and Palin too (well, mostly Palin). I live on 3rd St. between 4th and 5th, no need to hunt me down.  I think there are more of us out there than you think, we just know to keep our opinions to ourselves around Park Slope and NYC in general. Y’all can be pretty intolerant of dissenting viewpoints.”

Who knew?  Come meet your neighbors at Park Slope Message Boards – Now we know their names ::

Grocery Round Up for Park Slopers

Lizschillare, a new member of the neighborhood, wonders:

Where’s the best grocery store?”

Well, we’re glad you asked! LongTimeSloper was the first to chime in:

“Key Food on 5th Avenue-it’s far from you, but they do deliver and they have a large parking lot if you have a car.”

Other suggestions include, Steve’s C Town on 9th Street, Pathmark on 2nd Avenue, Union Market on 7th Ave or the one on Union Street, Eagle Provisions on 5th Avenue, and our personal favorite the newly renovated Associated on 5th ave and Union. If you don’t mind a longer trip for excellent produce there is always Fairway in Red Hook or if you rather make no trip at all, there’s the reliable Fresh Direct.

But tybur6 reminds us jokingly of another Park Slope option:

“I’m very proud of this group… 9 replies and no mention of the co-op! Well done.”

Yes, the Co-Op on Union Street. We love to hate it, but it does have an amazing selection if you can stand the membership ‘dues.’ Have another favorite to add to the list, post it on the Brooklynian Message Board: Best Grocery Store?


Symptoms of a Bad Economy: Switching to The Y

Looks like we’re all going to have to make adjustments to our lifestyles now that the economy is tanking.  Swapping brunch for a bagel, your Bam membership for a Netflix membership, haircuts for hats etc.  sacrifices must be made.  katbka is making the following adjustment and asked the board to help okay the decision:

“Dearest Brooklynians,
With the economy being in crisis, I decided to quit the fancy Wall St Equinox, and join my local YMCA.  Do any of you belong to the Park Slope YMCA? What do you like/dislike about it?
Is it true that Food Coop members get a discount when joining?”

Turns out The Y gets high marks from the crowd, and there is in fact a Coop member discount.  Read the reviews and share what you’re cutting back on at Park Slope Message Board – Park Slope YMCA ::

Mail Held Captive in Closed Slope Store

One would hope that when they rent a mailbox, that mailbox will be eternally accessible.  No such luck for a number of people who were deeply dismayed by the sudden closing of Mailboxes of Park Slope located on Flatbush near Crunch.

stuntvehicle was the first to make this unfortunate discovery:

“Stopped by the mailbox place today and the doors were barred…with my mail inside! Anyone esle in the same situation?”

Several people shared their frustration at being in the same predicament and at a loss for what action they can take.  dailyheights had the following info on the matter:

“I just got an email from an irate customer of MAIL BOXES OF PARK SLOPE … she says the business was closed Friday Oct. 17, 2008. She said the owner didn’t notify her that he was aware of the possiblity of the eviction:

“All of us that rent boxes have mail & packages locked inside. The Landlord’s management company isn’t corporating with our phone calls.””

If anyone has info that might help lead to the timely release of the captive packages, I urge you to stop by the boards and help prevent this scene from transpiring:

thereallawrence: “I will cry manilla tears if this place closes for good and I lose my packages.”

Park Slope Message Board – Mailboxes of Park Slope (

South Slope Yoga

Carmen stopped by the Park Slope forum on a quest to find a good yoga place in South Slope. Some results from the thread:

11thstreet: “There’s a lovely new bikram studio at 5th Ave & 15th St, if you’re into the hot yoga…”

Flexichick: “The yoga teachers at Harbor Fitness are generally pretty good.”

jjgal: “I’ve been going to Jaya Yoga for a little over a year and I’ve only experienced one teacher who I would not go back to. I have really enjoyed all the other instructors and the space. I highly recommend going there. It is also not so expensive and the classes are all an hour and thirty-five minutes.”

filmlover44: “bodhisattva 442 9th St – (vinyassa yoga)”

vidro3 “yoga sole at windsor and 11th ave is nice as well. they have a buy 2 get 1 free special going on now”

There are more insights and recommendations about the best places to strike a pose in South Slope listed in the thread.  If you’re looking for a way to stay limber this winter then stop by Park Slope Message Board – South slope yoga? ::

Pit Bull for Adoption Bites Sloper, Accusations Ensue

Nepenthean relayed an unfortunate incident of being bitten by an up-for-adoption pit bull while walking by a Brooklyn Animal Foster Network station last week:

“As I walked by last Monday (Columbus Day), their pit bull lunged at me and bit my thigh. Their first response was suggesting it was my fault because I had a bag of groceries in my arm. They also said that was their sweetest dog. They delayed getting the person in charge (who was across the street), hoping I would just walk away. After I persisted they finally brought over the boss. She offered NO apology whatsoever, but tried to get me to sign a medical waiver! WTF??”

After much sympathizing and calling for lawsuits by other Park Slopers, the director of BAFN caught wind of the thread and offered their side of the story as well as a dissection of the original poster’s claims.  The forum played judge and jury to try to get to the bottom of what had transpired.

One thing that became clear is that however one judges BAFN’s reaction to this incident, everyone agrees that the animals in our midst that are up for adoption shouldn’t be the victims.  Get the whole story here: Park Slope Message Board – Dog Adoption Agency’s Pit Bull Bit Me ::

Best Park Slope BBQ?

Such wishful thinking that this thread would reveal a long list of Park Slope’s best ribs, pulled pork and smoky brisket, but alas great local bbq remains the elusive New York dream.  thebends9 sent out out the call:

“Looking for some good BBQ tonight, any recommendations?”

Smoke Joint in Ft. Greene gets a few shout outs as not only the best bbq in the area, but also pretty much the only option.  Hill Country, Blue Smoke and Dinosaur in the city all get thumbs up, but otherwise the real answer to the original question seems to be to get in your car and head south.  Don’t get out until the sign reads “Carolina.”

Dry Rub or Wet Mop? Park Slope Message Board – Best Barbeque in Park Slope? ::

Self Reflexive Poster Says Slope Smells Like Pee

just me:

Is it “just me” or does Park Slope smell like dog pee? everywhere I walk I get the lovely scent of dog piss. the worst is the entrance to the park, near garfield and near 3rd st. I know the dogs have to go somewhere but geeeeez it’s nasty in this warmer weather…

Well it might just be just me, because there haven’t been too much many people seconding that notion, but there have been many people quick to blame the “cross between rancid butter and vomit” smell on the female Ginkgo Tree. Jamzer:

“It is a great urban tree, but its fruit smells like puke.”

I suppose this leaves the leading suspect in the case of the dog pee smell to be dog pee.  Exchange Gingko Tea recipes at Park Slope Message Board – Is it “just me” or does Park Slope ::

Gowanus Lounge Confirms Hanco’s is Coming to Town!

The Gowanus Lounge via The Brooklyn Paper has now confirmed that Vietnamese sandwich shop Hanco’s will open in the old Tea Lounge space as we reported earlier. The Brooklyn Paper writes:

The shop will have an expanded tea selection, and Ting said they are considering opening a coffee bar. But the main attraction will be the banh mi, that delectable French-influenced Vietnamese sandwich that comprises spicy pork, pickled vegetables and a mayonaise-like spread piled high into a baguette — a remnant of France’s one-time dominance in Indochina.

I love it when a plan comes together.

Berkeley Carroll School Wants Old Time Sloper Out

YankeeFan posted a couple of local articles telling the story of a woman who has lived in her Park Slope apartment for 50 years and pays the highly enviable rent of $147.08.  Naturally she’s been reluctant to accept a buyout to leave from Berkeley Carroll School who owns her home and wishes to use the space for classroom expansion.  Reactions on the boards have been mixed.  Many like new2hood take little pity on a woman who has had it easy for so long:

I feel as if this woman is parroting some sob story her lawyer fed her to make this a PR story. I understand she doesn’t “want” to move, but she’s paying an absurd amount of rent and has been given several opportunities to leave with $$ in her pocket, which, combined with $$ she should have saved paying such a small rent, would allow her to avoid financial hardship.”

While others like LongTimeSloper see things differently:

“I don’t care what paltry sum she gave BC all these years-it was a rent controlled apartment and I assume she had a lease. I don’t see why everyone thinks that just because she doesn’t own it and had a good deal all these years, she should just walk away! I mean, she was a tenant, she did her end of the bargain by paying the rent and she is by no means obligated to just take the buy out offered if she doesn’t want to.

Every one here seems to think that oh well, she had a good run, leave now because the landlord tells you to leave. But, I see it as she also has rights as a tenant-no matter what she has been paying all these years!”

Read the rest of the discussion here: Park Slope Message Board – Eviction threat after 50 years in Park Slope is ‘like a deat ::